Dear colleagues,

Monsson Operation Blades Team is getting bigger!
We are looking for a candidate for the position of Blades Inspection and Repairs Technician, with a dynamic, optimistic personality and good English skills!
The future employee will carry out the following activities:
• Blade Inspection and Repair Works;
• LPS checks;
• Vortex systems installation;
• Ensures and maintains the equipment in good working order;
• Responsible for the correct and timely accomplishment of the received works and tasks;
• Ensures and verifies the use of personal protective equipment for working in the turbine;
• Takes measures to provide first aid in case of accident, immediately announce hierarchically superior bodies and eliminate the causes of danger to occupational safety;
• Uses tools, equipment, devices, devices, tools, etc., which he receives according to the technical norms recommended by the manufacturer;
• Takes care to avoid concentrations of materials and people in one place, if the work is high, take care that the materials are stored so as not to impede access and transport operations;
• Ensures the compliance with the procedures for stopping and starting the turbines;
• Checks the installations and equipment according to the checklist in the installation manual;
• Collaborates and works in a team. Only team work (at least two) in turbines is allowed;
• Continuously improves himself by participating in specialized courses, studying the laws, norms, regulations and specific regulations and technical documentation, training the use of tools and devices according to the manufacturers’ instructions.
Mandatory requirements:
• IRATA Certificate – IRATA Level 3 represent an advantage
• GWO – BST Certificate
• GWO Blade repair Certificate
• Experience in WTG blades activity of minimum 1 year, minimum 1 year experience in a similar position
• Good knowledge of English
• Blade B Level represent an advantage
• Other blades trainings represent an advantage
Additional requirement:
• High concentration and maximum attention while working
• Solid safety knowledge
• Analysis and planning skills
• Ease in understanding the technical field
• Communicative and open focus
• Stress resistance and available for occasionally overtime
• The selected candidate will benefit from a remuneration corresponding to the responsibilities of the position, the effort made and the results obtained.
• Meal tickets
• Laptop and telephone
Candidates’ CVs can be sent to
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