New BST Refresher training standard caters for virtual classroom environment

GWO encourages stakeholders to join us next week for a webinar providing details of the new standard

The COVID-19 viral  pandemic has caused widespread disruption globally and has, in many regions,  prevented technicians from attending GWO refresher training leading to a  safety risk imposed through skills and knowledge fade within the wind  industry. GWO’s answer to the crisis includes the new BSTR-P Standard and the Digital Learning Requirements, which support also the training providers  digital efforts in offering training solutions while respecting social  distancing. 

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO  of Global Wind Organisation explains: “The BSTR-P is an interim training  standard, that in the current pandemic enables training using virtual  classrooms tools to refresh knowledge and attitude elements of the basic  safety training. In the current situation, it refreshes to acceptable levels  in the current situation to extend BST modules by 6 months of validity.”

“We recently  issued digital learning requirements, that acknowledges virtual classrooms  will be a part of GWO’s future. Practical exercises led by instructors to  refresh skills are here to stay. Digital learning is a complementary tool  that the crisis prompts us to fast-track. While an interim measure, the  BSTR-P provides an opportunity to gain experience and learning about virtual  classrooms, and I believe a version of this will likely be part of the  industry future.”

The Basic Safety  Training (Refresher) Partial (BSTR-P) Standard is scheduled for launch on  14th April 2020, pending approvals this week in Training Committee, Audit and  Compliance and ExCo. This new standard provides course participants with a  partial training, equivalent to a significant portion of the normal  BST(R)standard, to be completed with practical exercises.

It accommodates  online classroom delivery and can be certified via remote audit according to  the new Requirements for Digital learning.

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