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RESS-FA-02 / RESS-FAR-03 : Emergency First Aid for working at height basic/refresher

This course applies common first aid procedures to the special environment of wind turbines.

Emphasis is placed on reacting effectively to accidents at work, administering first aid and performing life-saving measures on the spot under the restrictions of a wind turbine environment.

Statutory provisions and standard procedures are highlighted in the module, which is a prerequisite for all work on wind turbines.

RESS-WAH-05 / RESS-WAHR-06 : Working at heights and rescue training, basics/refresher

This safety training for work on wind turbines features basic safety guidelines and procedures and emergency rescue drills.

The training session enables the participant to conduct rescue operations on wind turbines in a safe manner.

The module includes PPE handling, care and maintenance.

This module is a prerequisite for all work on wind turbines.

RESS-FAW-16 / RESS-FAWR-16 : Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic/refresher

This module gives an overview of the causes of fires and preventative fire protection measures.
Participants are taught to extinguish naked flames with various kinds of extinguishers.

RESS-MH-22 / RESS-MHR-22 : Manual Handling, basic/refresher

This module provides an overview of the various types of sling (attachment) gear and hoisting devices use especially in the production, erection and maintenance of wind turbines.

Focus is on the construction and function of sling gear and hoisting devices, and on unequivocal communication between slinger and crane operator. Participants learn so select and use suitable sling gear and hoisting devices.

RESS-BTT-01 : Basic Technical Training – Under Certification, Available in Feb 2018

Upon completion of the Global Wind Organization (GWO) Basic Technical Training (BTT) Delegates will possess awareness of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems, preparing candidates for working both on and off shore in the wind power industry.

Each of these training modules is not a stand-alone qualification but can be delivered independently of one another.

BZEE-ELT-06 : Switching authorization up to 52 kV (NEW)

This module is aimed at electrical engineers, master electricians and electricians, who carry out maintenance and servicing in the medium voltage range up to 52 kV on wind turbines and who connect and disconnect the turbine from the grid.

This module is prerequisite for receiving written switching authorization from the employer. Instruction on the corresponding switch gear must be given by the employer.

RESS-RSVTI-A : RSVTI Operator – Local Training / RESS-RSVTI-B : RSVTI Operator – re-authorization (NEW) 

  • RESS-RSVTI-A : RSVTI Operator Training program (Newly Authorized)– module A
  • RESS-RSVTI-B : Training program for extending the validity of the RSVTI authorization – module B

Starting 2017, RESS has teamed up with MARIAN RADUCANU, former ISCIR director, in order to extend the courses and the activities of the training centre. With these new courses we can integrate the wind industry standard courses with local legislation in regards to lifting equipment inside wind turbines and not only. The courses are specific for the Romanian legislation and are only available in Romanian language.

Trainees will be given information according to the legislation in force and will be provided with participant handbook, providing participants with a tuition in accordance with the highest standards of application of ISCIR technical prescriptions in force.

BZEE-ROT-01 : Rotor Blade Inspection (NEW)

The module enables participants to identify, assess and document damages to rotor blades. Key elements include a range of rotor blade access techniques, blade construction and deployed materials and the tools for diagnosing blade damage.

Participants are made aware of the hazards encountered in working on and inside rotor blades.

BZEE-ROT-02 : Rotor Blade Repair (NEW)

This module enables participants to identify and document damage to the rotor blades and their dimensions, as well as, professionally perform and document repairs.

Focus here is on the different access techniques, blade structure and material composition of the rotor blades as well as the selection and safe conduct of appropriate repair measures.

RESS – WTB – 01: Wind Turbine Basic (NEW)

These modules can train a non-experiences trainee to gain basic turbine knowledge in two weeks. If you hire non-experienced employees this is a perfect induction plan to use for your training matrix. Trainees will be given information about:

– History of a wind turbine
– Technology of a wind turbine
– Main compenents of a wind turbines
– Sensors of a wind turbine
– The operation of a wind turbine

RESS – TET – 01: Technical English Basic (NEW)

In this module, participants learn to use technical terms and expressions used in English language documentation for standard industrial scale wind turbines, to understand and translate English language operating manuals, maintenance manuals and maintenance reports.

This is an on-line training module and at the end of the day participants will take a knowledge test which will count for the overall mark of the Induction Program.

RESS – HSE – 18: Hazardous Handling – Online training (NEW)

The course is adressed to emplyees who, in their current activities, manipulate, use, store dangerous substances and also dangerous chemicals.

The course deals with topics that concern the classification of dangerous substances and preparations, the associated hazard, identification by labeling, information on the associated risks,  actions and intervention measures in case  of accidents, first aid.

RESS-ELT-01 : Basic Electric / Earthling Protection – Specific Training (NEW)

Trainees will be given information about:
– Introduction to electricity
– Electrical Safety
– Electrical components
– Sensors
– Electrical circuits
– Electrical measuring instruments
– Summary and theoretical test
– Evaluation

RESS – HWT – 01: Hydraulic torqueing & tension bolted connection techniques – Specific Training (NEW)

Overview of the techniques for using torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches and tensioning devices. Instructions about choosing the appropriate torqueing device in the controlled bolting.

Using the torque wrenches and tensioning devices.

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