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RESS – MHV – 01: Medium and High Voltage Switching up to 52kV – 8 [h]

The training session allows the participant to gain electrical skills in order to perform manoeuvres on medium and high voltage lines.

The training applies to certified electricians.
8 participants
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RESS-ROT-01: Rotorblade inspection – 16 [h] – Under Certification

The module enables participants to identify, assess and document damages to rotor blades.
Key elements include a range of rotor blade access techniques, blade construction and deployed materials and the tools for diagnosing blade damage.

Participants are made aware of the hazards encountered in working on and inside rotor blades.
16 participants
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RESS-ROT-02: Rotorblade repairs – 72 [h] – Under Certification

This module enables participants to identify and document damage to the rotor blades and their dimensions, as well as, professionally perform and document repairs.

Focus here is on the different access techniques, blade structure and material composition of the rotor blades as well as the selection and safe conduct of appropriate repair measures.
16 participants
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