The 60 day flexibility period is now continuing until 31st December 2020

The 60 day flexibility period following expiry of a training certificate is now in force until 31st December 2020 according to GWO Corona Advisory Note 7.

GWO safety training usually have a validity period of 24 months. Validity may be refreshed by attending refresher training. If the refresher training is completed within the last 60 days before expiry, validity periods are extended by 24 months. This remains in effect.

GWO has agreed to allow as a temporary measure 31st December 2020:

1. Course participants unable to refresh previous training within the 24 months validity period, are granted an option to take the planned refresher training up until 60 days after expiry.

2. Training Providers offering the refresher training to course participants under this exemption must contact GWO to receive further instructions.

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